Mai 16th, 2017

Neuadd Gymunedol Trallwm

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Hall information

Address: Trallwm Community Hall, Amanwy, Trallwm, Llanelli, SA14 9AH.

Hire cost of hall: £12.50 main hall & £7.50 cafe area

Hall bookings: contact the booking secretary on 01554 405195 or 07714 887087

Regular activities at the hall:

last updated November 2016

Monday: Music for babies (9.30-11.30am), Judo (5-7:30pm)

Tuesday: Rainbow rhymes (11am-1pm), Old Age Exercise class (3-4:30pm), Dancing Divas (5-8pm)

Wednesday: Rainbow rhymes (9.30am-1pm), Dancing Divas (4-6pm), Dog training (7-9pm)

Thursday: Judo (6-7.30pm)

Friday: Rainbows (5:30-6:30pm), Brownies (6:30-8pm)

Saturday: Judo (11am-12.30pm)

Sunday: Wrestling (7-8pm)

Other information:

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