June 21st, 2018

Trallwm Community Hall

Llanelli Rural Council’s multi use community centres are permitted to re-open under Welsh Government legislation.  The council is working with our community facility volunteers and the user groups to ensure re-opening of our community facilities is safe and compliant with Welsh Government Coronavirus regulations. 

There are still restrictions on what activities are permitted.  The list below details activities that can take place and those that cannot.  For further information please visit:-


Hall information

Address: Trallwm Community Hall, Amanwy, Trallwm, Llanelli, SA14 9AH.

Hire cost of main hall: £15 per hour or 2 Time Credits per hour.

Hall bookings: contact Llanelli Rural Council or email [email protected]

Regular activities at the hall:

last updated September, 2021

Monday: GJ Fitness sessions (11-12.30pm)

Saturday: Children’s dance classes (9-14.30pm)

Other information:

You can view the Trallwm Hall Facebook page by clicking here

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