In recent years we have installed a new play area in Swiss Valley and Pwll with new ones planned for Felinfoel and Pontyates in 2017.  Also during this time we have been busy working closely with the community in order to retain important recreational spaces that were put up for Community Asset Transfer by Carmarthenshire County Council. The following is a list of assets that we have arranged a transfer for:

Clos Y Gelli, Pemberton.  The children’s play area will be transferred from Carmarthenshire County Council in the near future on a 99 year lease.  The council has a licence agreement in place to allow it to maintain the play area while waiting for the lease to be completed.

Cilsaig, Dafen. The play area will be transferred from Carmarthenshire County Council on a 99 year lease when the title of the land has been resolved.  Llanelli Rural Council has a budget of £20,000 to upgrade the play area.

Dafen Park. Llanelli Rural Council is now responsible for the maintenance of Dafen Park which is home to Dafen Cricket and Dafen Welfare FC’s playing fields, and changing rooms. It is also home to Dafen Welfare Hall, a bowls green, two children play areas and an astroturf practice pitch for various sports. The Council is working closely with the bowls, cricket and football teams in order to provide them with well maintained facilities.

Felinfoel Play Area. A capital scheme to the value of £120,000 will be provided in 2017 to provide a new play area and infrastructure works. It is being planned for the land which sits between the recreation ground and Ysgol Y Felin, off Ynyswen in Felinfoel.  Consultations with the community have been held and a design chosen. Work is expected to start once the paperwork is in place with the planning authorities.

Llwynhendy Multi Use Games Area (at Heol Gwili) is now under the supervision of Llanelli Rural Council. The MUGA (multi use games area) at Heol Gwili Fields, Llwynhendy, transferred to Llanelli Rural Council in 2016 on a 99 year lease.

Pontyates Play Area (at Heol Llanelli). New play area equipment is to be installed replacing the current play area just off Heol Llanelli in Pontyates. Two consultations have been held with the community and the contractor has been appointed. The play area will be ready by mid July 2017 at a cost of £70,000.  The park has been transferred from Carmarthenshire County Council under a licence agreement.  This arrangement will be ultimately transferred to a 99 year lease.

Pwll Recreation Ground. As of 1 April 2017, the recreational fields next to Pwll Pavilion will now be maintained by Llanelli Rural Council. The pavilion area has already benefited from the asset transfer to Llanelli Rural Council with a new car park, improved access from the highway and a brand new children’s play area. The playing fields are used regularly by Pwll Football Club and Llanelli Rural Council are working closely with them in order to provide well maintained facilities.

Trallwm playing fields.  Trallwm AFC plays on the pitch maintained by the Council, following the playing fields being transferred from Carmarthenshire County Council under a licence agreement.  This arrangement will ultimately be transferred to a 99 year lease.  The football club uses the changing rooms provided within Trallwm Community Hall.

You can view each of these new facilities along with our existing assets at the Community Facilities page.

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