Local Objectives

In light of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, the Carmarthenshire Public Services Board are currently developing a Well-Being plan for the area.  It is currently at public consultation stage and is anticipated to be ready in 2018. Following initial consultations, you can view the objectives for Carmarthenshire by  clicking here. These will be the subject of further engagement and consultation in the coming months – see below for update. For more information visit www.thecarmarthenshirewewant.wales

Llanelli Rural Council has a duty to work towards the National Well-being Goals (highlighted in the WFGAct), and we will also be working towards the aforementioned Well-Being plan for the region.  Guidelines for Town and Community Councils are set out in the Shared Purpose Shared Future (SPSF4) guidance document which is available here.

Future Developments

All future developments will be reported in this part of the website.

Message on behalf of Carmarthenshire Public Services Board



Carmarthenshire Well-being Plan – draft

We have now published the Draft Carmarthenshire Well-being Plan on our website and started the 12-week consultation period. The consultation period will close on the 3 January 2018.

Here’s the link to the web-pages which include the consultation details.

Looking forward to your feedback.