50 years of working with and for the community

Celebrating the council's 50th year anniversary
1st April 1974 - 31st March 2024

Local Objectives

Carmarthenshire Public Services Board

In light of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, the Carmarthenshire Public Services Board (PSB) has developed a Well-being Plan for the area.

The Carmarthenshire Well-being Plan was approved on 2 May 2018.  This Plan will outline how the PSB will work in partnership to address some of the key issues affecting the well-being of the citizens and communities of the County. For more information visit www.thecarmarthenshirewewant.wales

Llanelli Rural Council has a duty to work towards the National Well-being Goals (highlighted in the WFGAct), and we will also be working towards the aforementioned Well-Being plan for the region.  Guidelines for Town and Community Councils are set out in the Shared Purpose Shared Future (SPSF4) guidance document which is available here.

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