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Celebrating the council's 50th year anniversary
1st April 1974 - 31st March 2024

Council Annual Report


The council has a statutory duty to prepare and publish two public annual reports and also a biodiversity action plan report once every three years to satisfy the following legislative requirements:

Section 40 of the Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 requires the council to publish a report annually on the progress made in meeting the Carmarthenshire Public Services Board’s local well-being objectives.  The report must be published as soon as reasonably practicable following the end of the financial year (31 March) to which the report relates.

Section 6 of the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 requires the council to prepare and publish a plan report once every three years setting out what it proposes to do to maintain and enhance biodiversity and promote resilience.  The council’s next plan report must be published no later than 31 December 2022.

Section 52 of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 requires the council, as soon as reasonably practicable after the end of each financial year (31 March), to prepare and publish an annual report about the council’s priorities, activities and achievements over the previous year.

There are a number of over-lapping elements associated with the production of these reports.  For reasons of practicality and to avoid duplication the council has decided to prepare a single composite annual report to satisfy its legislative reporting duties.  The council is permitted to do this in preference to producing three individual reports.

The composite annual report structure has been designed to reflect the chronological order of the enactment of the legislative reporting requirements based on when the reporting duties were first introduced to the local council sector and comprises three parts:

PART 1 – The council’s contribution to supporting the local well-being objectives for the area (the Section 40 reporting duty (Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015));

PART 2 – The council’s contribution to supporting and promoting local biodiversity (the Section 6 reporting duty (Environment (Wales) Act 2016)); and

PART 3 – A review of the council’s key tasks and activities performed over the previous year (the Section 52 reporting duty (Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021)).

The Annual Report for 2022-23 is available to download here.


Past Annual Reports

Annual Report for 2021-22

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Annual Report for 2020-21

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Annual Report 2019/20

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Annual Report 2018/19

Click here to download the 2018/19 report


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