50 years of working with and for the community

Celebrating the council's 50th year anniversary
1st April 1974 - 31st March 2024

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Volunteering and Time Credits

As a result of the Whole Place Plan, the Council has adopted its own Time Credits project with our partners, Tempo.  The concept of time credits is to encourage more co productivity in the community. It is there to encourage more people to volunteer and grow communities. The health benefits for individuals getting involved in their community is well documented and we are delighted to be able to offer opportunities within the Llanelli Rural Area.

To find out more about Time Credits including where you can spend and/or earn them visit the Tempo website by clicking here.

There are a number of community volunteer roles available through our network of community groups, community halls, time credits scheme and Community Development Officer.

If your group works within the Llanelli Rural boundaries, you can advertise volunteering opportunities for your organisation here. Contact the office to arrange

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