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June 16th, 2020

Views sought on community building and park designs for Llwynhendy


Back in January Llanelli Rural Council commissioned a feasibility study for the fields at Heol Gwili in Llwynhendy.  The purpose of the study is to look at a new community hub and green space enhancement in view of a potential asset transfer of the space for further community benefit from Carmarthenshire County Council.  The background to why this is being carried out is down to the work of the Chairman of Llanelli Rural Council Cllr Sharen Davies, who is also the County Councillor of the Llwynhendy ward, on the back of years of dialogue from residents about a lack of local facilities to benefit the community. Chris Jones Regeneration have been appointed to undertake the feasibility study who were keen on providing local residents and community groups the opportunity to shape plans and drawings for the site and also consider how they would use the space and hub.  The feasibility study has been funded by the Lottery’s Community Fund via Our Llwynhendy and the Invest Local programme.


Originally there were some open days planned at Llwynhendy Library and Heol Gwili Fields to discuss the needs of the community, however because of the coronavirus outbreak, all interactions have been carried out online or remotely.  Building on previous consultations, Llanelli Rural Council, Llwynhendy Pemberton Forum and Our Llwynhendy held a month of consultation during April.  This resulted in 170 individuals providing feedback which has fed into a redesign of the Llwynhendy Library which includes an extension to provide a multi-purpose space that provides amenities such as a library, café and meeting and hall space.  Also taken into consideration is a new layout of the fields that includes new features such as a picnic area, children’s play equipment, new pathways and environmental features.

The feasibility study is due to be completed in July but in the meantime the views of the community is needed on the designs.  These can be found on Llanelli Rural Council’s website where users can browse the designs and read up on the results of the first consultation. There is an opportunity to feedback by following links to the survey and there will be a separate survey for younger people.  The closing date for the surveys is Friday 3rd July. All this information can be found online at https://www.llanelli-rural.gov.uk/llwynhendy-hub/ or if you desire a paper copy, please contact Darren Rees on 01554 774103 or by email at [email protected]

Cllr Sharen Davies said “We’ve done the best we can in difficult circumstances to connect with residents on this. Every household will receive a flyer with more information on this final consultation phase.  Please respond and have a say before the July 3rd cut off.  I’d like to thank Carmarthenshire County Council housing and leisure teams for their cooperation so far in allowing Llanelli Rural Council to explore the possibility in taking over this area of Llwynhendy for the benefit of its residents. Also the work of proactive local community groups like Llwynhendy and Pemberton Forum, Our Llwynhendy and Ty Enfys Family Centre in the part they’ve played in raising awareness of this important piece of work and their role in the steering group”.

Llanelli Rural Council Pemberton ward Cllr Jason Hart added “The designs put forward are exciting and show consideration for users of all ages for various uses.  We have engaged with the consultant and put forward various user journeys for the building based on the discussions I have with residents in my role as community councillor.  I’m looking forward to reading the final report and acting on it.”

Leader to Llanelli Rural Council, Cllr Tegwen Devichand added “I’m impressed by the work carried out by the consultants to date and the attractive building and green space designs they’ve put forward.  I hope the community engages with this final consultation and please contact the Council should you have any questions.  We will do the best we can to make this project a reality and get the maximum investment possible for the residents of Llwynhendy to benefit from”.


For further information, please contact Community Development Officer Darren Rees on 01554 774103; email: [email protected]



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