October 19th, 2015

Grass Roots Grant Support

Llanelli Rural Council has reviewed the level off grant support to be allocated to sporting clubs from within its area that play on County Council facilities.

This follows months of speculation on the increased charges that would have to be paid by those clubs following the hike in pitch playing fees by the County Council.

The Leader of Llanelli Rural Council said, ’we are delighted to be helping clubs at the grass roots. The Rural Council understands the financial difficulties that clubs will face in finding more money to off-set the increased cost. Football and cricket clubs have seen a massive increase in the level of grant – from £600 to £1,500. Bowls clubs even more so with their grants increased from £300 to £1,250.”

Championing the decision of Llanelli Rural Council, Mark Aitken of Pwll AFC said, ‘without the grant, Pwll AFC wouldn’t have been able to get the funds together and the club would have folded”. Also benefitting from a £1,500 grant are Dafen AFC and Trallwm AFC.

Dafen Cricket Club and Pwll Cricket Club are also grateful for the increased grant to £1,500. Stuart Powell of Dafen Cricket Club said, “this will really make a difference to being able to afford quality maintenance of the cricket square.”

Dafen Welfare Crusaders Bowls Club and Dafen Welfare Bowls Club have seen their clubs’ grants soar to £1,250. Stuart Hopkins of Dafen Welfare Crusaders Bowls Club said, “even with members carrying out some of the maintenance work to the bowling green, they wouldn’t have been able to afford the charges which have to be met without the grant from the Rural Council.”

Cllr. Rees added, “the comments from representatives of the sporting clubs fully justify the Rural Council’s decision in increasing the grants which will ensure that football, cricket and bowls continue to be played in the area”.


For further information, please contact:
Llanelli Rural Council Clerk to the Council, Mark Galbraith on 01554 774103

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