January 25th, 2016

Llanelli Rural Council Time Credits

Volunteers that are operating within the Llanelli Rural Council ward areas can soon start earning Time Credits. The project aims to enable local people to make a difference in their communities and to recognise the value of their contributions. For each hour volunteered a single time credit can be earned and spent at a variety of locations locally or nationwide.

The project is a reaction to the consultation done last year within its communities. The Llanelli Rural Area Whole Place Plan is a strategic plan for the Council which is in response to new Welsh Government legislation.

Cllr. Carol Rees, Leader of the Rural Council said “Time Credits came up numerous times as a good idea during our consultations with the community so we are delighted to be able to coordinate this for their benefit.”

Llanelli Rural Council will be working in partnership with Spice Timebanking in developing opportunities within the Council area which are: Bynea, Cwmbach, Cynheidre, Dafen, Felinfoel, Five Roads, Furnace, Llwynhendy, Ponthenri, Pontyates (part only), Pwll, Sandy and Swiss Valley. The project is co-funded by Llanelli Rural Council, Big Lottery Wales and Carmarthenshire County Council.

For further information, please contact:
Llanelli Rural Council Community Development Officer, Mr Darren Rees on 01554 774103

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