Future plans

Llanelli Rural Council is committed to assisting the community maintain its existing assets.

You can view our recent activity with regards to the Community Asset Transfer programme here.

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 puts an emphasis on the larger Town and Community Councils in Wales to report on how they are working towards the National Well-being Goals.  We meet regularly with other Town and Community Council’s that also have a duty to report in order to inform the Carmarthenshire Public Services Board of how we are working together and addressing the pertinent themes relevant to each Council.

The Llanelli Rural Area Whole Place Plan 2015 : 2030 is how we intend to act and we employ a Community Development Officer in order to drive the plan forward.  One project, which is a direct result of the Whole Place Plan, is the Llanelli Rural Time Credits programme which is delivered in partnership with Spice.  The intention is to get more people active and volunteering in their community and to help existing groups, or even better, start new ones up for the benefit of their community.

As well as some web base surveys, there will be a series of consultations based around the Whole Place Plan at various venues during 2017. More details to follow.