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Recreation & Leisure Services

1. Recreation Grounds

Playing CricketThe Council maintains three recreation grounds at Felinfoel, Five Roads and Ponthenri where cricket, football and rugby are played. The Council’s policy is not to charge clubs for playing on its pitches. The Council also maintains the rugby fields for Pontyates RFC whose facilities are provided close to its boundary with an adjoining community council.

Changing room facilities are provided at Felinfoel, Ponthenri Community Hall and at Pwll Pavillion.

A Scrum in Rugby2. Children’s Play Areas

The Council has seven children’s play areas in the following locations:-

  • Amanwy, Llwynhendy
  • Berwick Road, Bynea
  • Bryngolau, Dafen
  • Cynheidre
  • A Scrum in RugbyFive Roads Recreation Ground
  • Ponthenri Recreation Ground
  • Heol Nant, Swiss Valley
  • Tir Einon, Llwynhendy

3. Footpaths

public Footpaths accross the EstuaryA total network of 43 miles of footpaths is maintained by the Council throughout the area. This involves clearing, surfacing, repairing and replacing stiles, gates, signs etc. on around 120 public rights of way.

If you would like to contact us about the maintenance of public footpaths within the Council’s administrative area, please click here.

4. Public Lighting

The Council is responsible for the energy and maintenance of approx. 230 public lights which are classed as footway lighting.

5. Christmas Carnival

A tripartite agreement has been entered into by Llanelli Rural Council, Llanelli Town Council and Carmarthenshire County Council to fund the provision of Christmas lights and a carnival in Llanelli Town Centre. The switch on takes place at the end of November every year and attracts bumper crowds in excess of 20,000 people to the event.

6. Provision of Changing Rooms

The Council has provided new changing rooms at Ponthenri, Trallwm and Felinfoel over the last 10 years. Grants from various organisations help to fund these facilties as well as financial contributions from the local sporting clubs.

Changing rooms are also provided at Pwll Pavillion

7. Local Sporting Organisations

The Council has adopted a policy to financially assist local sporting teams to off-set the charges levied by Carmarthenshire County Council for using its playing fields. Annual grants are made as follows:-

  • Dafen AFC - £600
  • Dafen Bowls Club - £300
  • Dafen Cricket Club - £600
  • Dafen Crusaders Bowls Club - £300
  • Pwll AFC - £600
  • Pwll Cricket Club - £600
  • Trallwm AFC - £600